Current Actions

Action-Based Book Club

We are a group of adults and teens committed to anti-racist work, equity, and relationship building. Join us to discuss works by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) writers. Learn how to take action through our discussions. Our goal is to move beyond conversation in order to create positive change in our community.


HEROS is a working group of students, parents, teachers, and neighbors who self-organized in early 2018. Our aim (and our name) is Healing Everyday Racism in Our Schools (HEROS). We believe that such healing is possible if we join together, listen to one another, and take bold, courageous action that centers the lives of those who experience racism on a daily basis.

Every student should feel safe, seen, and nurtured in their school environment. When racist acts are committed by students against their classmates, our most basic notions of safety, respect, and trust are violated. Both the immediate manifestations and the long-term incubators of racism must be addressed and remedied if our students are to have a future better than our past.

Check out our current actions to get involved, or check out our recommendations to New Trier High School.

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